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CCU(Carbon Capture and Utilization) is a technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and utilizes it to produce useful products or energy. CCU is a combination of environmental protection and sustainable energy and resource utilization that aims to create new value and reducing greenhouse gases.
CCU technology is advancing toward sustainably improving industrial and energy production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 and utilizing it as a new product or energy. This plays an important role in improving climate change issues and resource efficiency.

  • Why FRD
  • Co-Planning of Business Model
    for carbon reduction

  • Reviewing capture capacity &
    Modify equipment technical drawing

  • Reviewing Investment Cost

  • Search for business site (Checking suitability/installability)

Strength of FRD

  • · Design Customizing
  • · Low Cost
  • · Performing National Task
  • · Possessing Carbon capture technology
  • · Using Captured Gas (Semiconductor, Beverage, Medical)
  • · Collabo R&D with AURI (Energy business by using CO2)